Sweet music among the blossoms thanks to Care UK grant

October 20, 2017

There will be harmony and multicultural melodies amongst the blossom as a Kent charity develops a World Music Garden to benefit people of all ages and backgrounds, thanks to a grant from the Care UK wellbeing foundation.

Brogdale Collections, in Faversham, is home to the National Fruit Collection, the world’s largest collection of more than 4,000 varieties of fruit from temperate climates, including apples, plums, pears as well as rarer medlars and quinces.

Known for its scientific research and conservation aims, it is working to develop the garden, in its grounds, where adults and children can use unique outdoor instruments to create and enjoy music.

Adults and children can use unique outdoor instruments to create and enjoy music.

Instruments in the garden will be tuned to the same scale so that, when played, even by someone with no musical background or knowledge, they harmonise with each other. Made largely of wood, their sounds and the vibrations created, will appeal to people with different abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Paul Tomlinson, the charity’s fundraising manager, said: “We are very grateful for the donation that takes us closer to our aim of creating a garden experience that will benefit generations of visitors for years to come.

“The World Music Garden will increase the wellbeing of everyone who visits, whatever their age or background and we hope it will enable those visitors living with disabilities to have fun and communicate through sound in a beautiful and unique environment.”

Instruments will include log drums, tubular, drums, xylophones and a batphone, which works by striking a tuned open length of polyethylene tube with a foam bat or paddle creating strong rhythms and baselines.

The foundation has given a £2,000 grant. Rosemary Harvey, secretary to the board, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to award Brogdale Collections this grant. We know from conversations with activities coordinators in our 114 care homes the powerful effect music and outdoor activities have on people’s wellbeing.

“We believe the combination of music and the beautiful environment created at Brogdale Collections will engage many people of all abilities and give a great deal of pleasure for many years to come.”