The power of music opens up communication to young people

February 11, 2015

National charity Jessie’s Fund was one of the first groups to receive a donation from the Care UK Wellbeing Foundation and, in recent months, seriously ill children have been benefiting from the music therapy the charity has been able to provide.

Based in York, Jessie’s Fund helps seriously ill and disabled children through the use of therapeutic music. With the £2,000 donation, presented in June 2014, the charity has been able to provide 57 music therapy sessions to four children with profound communications issues aged between three and ten years old.

Wellbeing foundation Jessie's Fund (2)

One young girl’s mother has reported that her daughter is more alert and shows greater eye contact after the sessions.

Talking about the effect on the children, who live across the UK, charity founder Lesley Schatzberger said feedback from the four children’s parents, carers or therapists has been universally positive. The carer of a girl with hydrocephalus has said she has made remarkable progress when combining music therapy with physiotherapy, increasing her hand and facial movements so she can better join in the sessions.

Lesley said: “Care UK understands the importance of music therapy in creating a method of communication for people who could not otherwise communicate and we are very grateful for the donation. We have heard from one family who support a young boy with severe autism. He had a traumatic start in life and is now in foster care. The music therapy has opened up communication for him and now they feel there is real hope for a positive way forward for him.”

Belinda Moore, group marketing and communication director and wellbeing foundation board member, said the update from Jessie’s Fund is good news for the foundation. “These are just the outcomes the board hopes to see when making grants,” she said.

“Children’s wellbeing has clearly been enhanced by the work of Jessie’s Fund and children are gaining the ability to share their feelings through music. It is truly uplifting and we are very happy to have contributed to the process.”